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    EDT and AVG anti virus settings

    The EDT application startup is prevented by the AVG Anti virus software.


    Although the EDT application has been reported as safe to AVG, we await software update from them regards this.

    You will see this startup message :


    To fix this problem you need to include one file in your AVG Exceptions list - we will step through the procedure to do this  - it will take just a minute!

    Open the AVG program, you should see the icon for this on your desktop.

    Select Advanced Setting from the Options menu :


    Select Exceptions, 

    Select Add, 

    Select Exception Type 'Application or File'

    Enter file name EXACTLY as C:\EDT\App\EDT

    Without any file extension

    (Replace C:\EDT with your EDT installation folder if you did not install EDT to the default)


    Select OK to Apply changes to your computer


    Confirm allow AVG to make changes :

    Restart EDT and all should be well.


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