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Ticket:  472  Created: 6/10/2018 11:28 PM
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Select Hi, removed exchange date requirement, included in next release. Also fixed the emailed error message for next release. Lean Software 6/12/2018 8:44:36 PM
Select hi - ok I see the benefit of a failsafe prompt and that it will default to the information supplied - could it be more of a summary - these are the boxes you have ticked/not ticked - if correct proceed if incorrect amend ? I'm just thinking if they have already processed the update screens it will feel like doing the job twice if they have to go back and double check the data that they have already entered (if that makes sense). We need to add a tick box under "conveyance" tab that defaults to "full title guarantee" with an option to select instead "limited title guarantee" - this is a box that is ticked on the TR1 transfer deed form. next phase where you have the tick box defaulting to Registered we shall need to add a box for Unregistered and we shall then need to be able to enter some information about a document called the root of title - usually a Conveyance - the details will be the deed, the date of that deed and the parties to that deed - this is instead of a title number Louise Daniels, EHL Group 6/12/2018 4:00:41 PM
Select Hi yes the prompts were a failsafe in case the questions have not been answered. The answers to the questions default to any previously supplied answer. Exchange date prompt will be removed in next release and the error message will be resolved. Lean Software 6/12/2018 10:10:22 AM
Select hi I note running this task it asks a series of questions - These questions (I think) are information that we are saving in the Matter eg: is there a Help to Buy ISA?; is the client a first time buyer?; is there a Help to Buy equity loan? I think provided we have prompted the right information to be update in the Matter and these questions should not be asked again when processing this task, unless they have not been answered the process brings up an error message which I have emailed as I cannot attach the snip to this helpdesk then the process asks for an exchange date - I think I have flagged this previously - at this stage there is no exchange date as we are at pre exchange process. the exchange date field will only be completed once contracts are actually exchanged. the system in history is now showing working on task #287 #288 #289 #290 #291 Louise Louise Daniels, EHL Group 6/10/2018 11:28:28 PM


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