Build powerful data edit/processing, data load/transfer and reporting solutions

 Using Direct-to-table or Stored Procedure techniques

Create user efficient data edit or processing solutions 

Create more reliable data import / transfer solutions 

Create fast network Excel Reporting solutions 

 Schedule data processing tasks














 Combining the Power of Microsoft Excel and your database...


  • EDT makes it easy to harness the power of Microsoft Excel for maintenance of data stored in databases and other non-Excel repositories.
  • Easy to implement data maintenance and network reporting solution.
  • Utilise the Power of Excel by embedding pre-programmed spreadsheets that are tailored to a specific data maintenance tasks within the EDT extract / transform / load framework.
  • Use pre-programmed Excel formulas to construct computed values, validate data integrity and set default values.
  • Eliminate the need for end users to be struggling with data extraction and/or load issues, or creating their own problematic spreadsheets for editing tasks.
  • Load a dataset,  edit in Excel, then Save back to any relational repository.
  • Report data from any source using Excel’s powerful presentation options - including remote web server data.
  • Transfer and transform from any data source to Table or Stored Procedure target.
  • Turn Excel into a tool for CRUD - create/read/update/delete - maintenance of data housed in a relational repositories using direct table or stored procedure based updates.
  • Create Parameter driven “Tasks” to focus the data range for specific conditions.
  • Automated validation with user defined rules embedded in Task framework.
  • Eliminate validation problems associated with importing XLS or CSV data.
  • Create workgroup specific Tasks on a network share to achieve a consistent level of quality from all team members.
  • Process data for SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL and in theory, any database.
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    Lean software clients include Nissan Motor Manufacturing and Invesco

    , companies who use lean software's EDT product within their core business processes.  We help businesses large or small.

    Lean Software support many other companies worldwide who find many great uses for the EDT software in serious aspects of business data validation and handling.

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    Task Template Methods

    • Report data from any source, include totals and subtotals
      NEW - 3.0
    • Edit any existing data
    • Edit and Insert data
    • Transfer data from any source to destination table - insert or update data if already is exists
    • Transfer data from any source to destination stored procedure

    EDT Model Overview

    • Tasks definitions saved as XML files (optionally encrypted)
    • Tree view style Task explorer - easily organise many tasks for your organisation
      NEW - 3.0
    • Designed for Network installation and Task sharing
    • Task access controlled using NT User or NT Group membership

    Task Functionality  

    • Automatically generated SQL
    • Load data from table or stored procedure
    • Load data from any other ODBC datasource including Excel and CSV files
    • Send / save data to a table or stored procedure
    • Edit data tasks - edit any table or range of data with automatic primary key detection
    • Transfer any data to a stored procedure
    • Edit data tasks using stored procedures as data source and destination allowing multiple table update
    • Powerful custom SQL, with easy to use SQL/Excel column Merge code system
    • User Task parameters - define tasks that require initial user input - such as data range selection
    • Task parameters can be used as merge codes in load and send SQL and many other areas of the software
    • Hidden task parameters can be used to hold variables - such as grand total amounts 
      NEW - 2.7
    • Drop down look-up lists supporting relational data 
      NEW - 2.7
    • Drop down look-up lists can be populated with a user search, the user presses ENTER after entering some search text 
      NEW - 2.8
    • Work with data located on a remote (web) server across the internet
      NEW - 3.2
    • Allow data to be pasted into a task from the windows clipboard

    Interface / Ease of use

    • Logical Excel Ribbon Interface
      NEW - 3.0
    • Familiar Excel style configuration screens with hover help
      NEW - 3.0
    • Drag and drop column ordering and column mapping  
      NEW - 2.8
    • Easy to use color coded/traffic light data validation bands
    • Active Legend to count, select and navigate rows in each validation band
    • Selection sensitive command - automatically selecting rows valid for the selected action
    • Integrated and online help 
      NEW - 2.7
    • Auto filter 
      NEW - 2.7
      • Auto filter can be defined per column - choose the columns the user is allowed to auto filter 
        NEW - 2.7
      • Auto filter toggle - settings are remembered when toggling on/off 
        NEW - 2.7
    • Prompt options, reducing mouse clicks required 
      NEW - 2.7
    • Conditional formatting support
    • Automatic column sizing - with max/min width and wrap controls
    • Fast data load
      Greatly improved - 3.0
    • Hide/display columns
    • Column format using Excel format options (number format, font, shading etc)
      NEW - 3.0
    • Global format options - set default EDT interface appearance 
      NEW - 3.0
    • Fixed width and column wrap options
    • User friendly column names
    • Multi Line column headings

    Compatibility and Connectivity

    • Compatible with Excel 2007, 2010 and now Excel 2013
      NEW - 2.8 
    • Easy to use connection wizard
    • Multiple database type support: Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE NEW 2.9 , Access, IDB DB2, MySQL, FoxPro, Lotus Notes and in theory any database you can connect to via ODBC.
    • Integrate with SQL Server and Oracle Schemas NEW - 2.9 
    • 64 Bit Office support
    • Allow data initial load from ANY data source including data query, stored procedure, CSV and XLS files
    • Launch Task from a URL Hyperlink NEW 2.8 
    • Launch Task from command line or batch file  NEW 2.8 

    Excel power

    • Define default values as excel formula / calculated fields 
    • Formula can refer to any column, such as totals
    • Database (server side) validation checks ensure the data complies with any rules defined within the database
    • Add 'Work columns' for interim calculation or to hold imported values not directly mapped to a destination item 
    • Optionally include Excel tools at task level - including Spell Check and Search & Replace
      NEW - 3.0
    • For report tasks - access to Sort and Group actions in the Excel Ribbon
      NEW - 3.0
    • Control visibility of Grid Lines, Excel titles (A,B,C.. etc), formula bar 
      NEW - 3.0


    • Client validation - Data is validated as soon it is typed or pasted into Excel
    • Automatic text field length validation NEW 2.9 
    • Server validation - respects all database rules and table relationships 
    • Immediate row validation option - fully functional even if the destination is a stored procedure
      NEW - 2.7
    • Custom Client validation using Excel's data validation capabilities
    • Unlimited number of validation rules per column, or group of columns
      NEW - 2.7
    • Custom server validation - stored procedures can be used as a destination - and can further validate the data
    • Error checking using Excel data validation
    • Formula validation
    • Mandatory/must have fields can be specified

    Team work

    • Tasks saved for easy repeat use
    • Multiple configuration folder support - task folders can be located on a network share 
    • Run EDT from a single network share 
      NEW - 2.8 


    • Active Directory / NT User / NT Group task access control
    • Task administration is password protected
    • Task settings encryption
    • Workstation settings encryption
      NEW - 2.7

    Print options NEW - 3.2

    • Define options such as default printer, margins and scaling
    • Automatic or configurable Headers and Footers - include Excel print codes and EDT Merge codes

    Low maintenance roaming Licencing

    • Workstation licences can be easily moved from one workstation to another 
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