Data Processing Solutions with SQL and Excel



Build powerful data edit/processing Solutions

Create  Efficient Data Validation / Import solutions

Process Files, Content of Files (CSV or Excel)

Process Data From an SQL Query or even the windows clipboard

Direct-to-table or Stored Procedure Processing techniques

Create faster network Excel Reporting solutions

data validation user interface command line interface Schedule data processing tasks

create database tasks with excel

Shorter Project times

Excel Database Tasks (EDT) drives down project development time and failed solutions, and pushes user efficiency and satisfaction to its maximum potential. 

Powerful Data Validation

EDT combines the power of Microsoft Excel with SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL - to create hassle free batch data editing/transfer processing tasks.

Safe, Efficient, Simple

Unlike any other Database front end, Excel Database Tasks empowers the user to safely process data sets without having to program a specialist interface

Help from Lean Software

Build your own powerful SQL data/edit processing and data load/transfer and reporting solutions - or have them built for you in record time by Lean Software technicians

Business benefit

Get ready to witness the increased user efficiency in your business processes!

Reality - Data Processing Task Examples in Business

These are some examples of Custom Development Solutions that Lean have created for businesses to help them become more efficient in their business processes. We have very experienced developers in our team meaning we can produce a solution with a proof of concept with a very quick turn around. Letting Lean develop your tasks can give you the confidence that your solution will be produced in a timely manner and will include all the features you need.

SQL Data Task Development - let us help you today

Discover the potential of making business processes lean with EDT. If you are finding your business processes are taking up valuable time and resources don't hesitate to get in contact with an idea, we can help!  Once you have sent us a request we will get in contact with you to discuss your requirement, we will then if you wish produce you a proof of concept design so you can visualize how EDT can be a solution to your problem. If you are happy with the proof of concept we will move onto the final development we will ensure your solution is created to the best standard in a timely manner.  Otherwise you may wish to just Download the EDT software and then ask for help if you get stuck.

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