Once a connection has been established EDT generates a SQL SELECT statement which retrieves all the data relating to the first source object, sorted in ascending order, in the connected data store. This is:

  • the first table when connected to a database
  • the first worksheet when connected to an Excel workbook
  • the first file when connected to a directory

EDT then displays the generated SQL statement in the SQL code panel.

You can change the source object, by selecting one of the values in the Source object drop-down list. Depending on the type of data store,these may be:

  • table names
  • view names
  • worksheet names
  • file names

EDT automatically updates the SQL in the SQL code panel to reflect your selection.

If required, you can choose to manually amend the SQL by selecting the Custom radio button. The statement is now editable and you are able to insert task parameters, if required. However, once you choose to manually amend the SQL statement, you can no longer change the source object using the Source object drop-down list.

Warning: If you change the SQL and then select the Automatic radio button, EDT re-generates the SQL and any change you made are lost.

Parameters tab