Open Hyperlink Matter Software - Version 2.1



The OHMS software relates to companies using 

Partner for Windows - a software product supplied by Tikit-TFB PLC.  


Ohms is an open source software utility provided by Lean Software Ltd.

There is no charge for using this software.

How does it work?
Installation and Setup
Testing Ohms


It would be very useful to be able to create a hyperlink that when clicked would take a user directly to a P4W case file.

The hyperlink might be included in an email, a PDF report, an HTML report or an Intranet page.

The Ohms software is designed to be installed on your local network and will process such a  hyperlink and automatically open the relevant case file.


Basic parameters:

    https://YourServer/Ohms.aspx?ShortEntityRef =ShortEntityRef&EntityRef =EntityRef&MatterNo=Matter number&AgendaName=AgendaName

    • Either ShortEntityRef or EntityRef must be specified.
    • MatterNo must be specified.
    • AgendaName is optional, if not specified will open the first Agenda created for the matter.
    Example 1 : Using Short Entity code

    Example 2 : Using Long Entity code

    Example 3 : Specify agenda name
    https://yourIntranet/ohms/ohms.aspx?ShortEntityRef=RBTEST&MatterNo=80&AgendaName=Case History

Step parameters (new options introduced in Ohms 2.0):

    The specific Partner step can be specified with these parameters: 
    Partner will position on the first step matching the description (part descriptions can be specified, eg 'File' will position on the first step with 'File' at the start of the description).
    StepName=name     Partner will position on the first step matching name.
    This being the step name, rather than the description which a user can modify.
    Partner will position on the last matching step, rather than the first.
    Using this option in combination with Entity & Matter Number will position the user in the last step in the agenda.

    Partner will position on the step with matching step ID.  
    Using this option, no other parameters are required, Ohms will look up all required information automatically based on the Step ID

How does it work?

The Ohms service works by creating a .case file 'on the fly' that will open Partner for windows and locate the required matter.

Installation and Setup

  1. Download the Ohms.zip file from download link - top right of this page (site registration required). 
  2. Either within your intranet or a separate IIS installation, simply create a new folder in wwwroot ,  name the folder  'ohms'
  3. Unzip the 3 files contained in ohms.zip
  4. ohms.aspx



  5. Modify the database connection string in the included file web.config, setting the correct Server, database and logon details. 

Modify the items in Capital letters, YOUR_SQL_SERVER, YOUR_USER_ID, PASSWORD.

If your Partner database is not named 'Partner', change the entry "Initial Catalog=Partner"

    <compilation debug="true"/>
    <add name="Partner" connectionString="Data Source=YOUR_SQL_SERVER;Initial Catalog=Partner;User ID=YOUR_USER_ID;Password=PASSWORD" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Testing Ohms

Test ohms from your browser with a known entity and matter number 

    Substitute with an Entity and Matter number you are aware of.



Ohms Software is subject to copyright : Lean Software Ltd 2013, All rights reserved.

You are not permitted to copy, post, publish or reproduce the software in part or in whole in any way. 

If you require modifications please contact us - or leave feedback below, we are likely to fulfill your request in a subsequent version.  



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