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Excel Database Tasks V4.x [Production]


For Microsoft Excel 2007,2010, 2013, 2016, 32Bit or 64Bit

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EDT 4.0 Release history

EDT 4.0.232 18/10/2018 Issue with manually inserted rows not validating has been resolved. This relates to using the EDT Insert ribbon button.

EDT 4.0.207 05/09/2018 Error found within when changing tabs within task configuration. This may relate to multi-monitor setup.  Debugged on client machine as we were unable to recreate the issue locally.

EDT 4.0.205 04/09/2018 Reports with groupings now default to level 2 collapsed.   Fixed issue for older 32 bit machines running Excel 2007. Allow for Wide Task Parameters - task parameters now autofit to longest value. 

EDT 4.0.200 29/06/2018 SQL Lookup columns that have option 'Set value to first in list' now set the value and correctly when the lookup relies on another column value (merge code within SQL referencing another column value).  The the dependent column is modified the lookup correctly resets.

EDT 4.0.192 06/06/2018 Allow blank in Lookups to be valid. Copy paste multiple cells functionality corrected. Progress backup/restore also preserves values of lookups and re-runs validation on restore. Automatic SQL modified to correctly specify NULL rather than NNULL since support for Unicode string was added.

EDT 4.0.169 1/12/2017 When draagging values accross multiple cells not all rows would be validated - affecting 4.0.168 only.

EDT 4.0.168 1/12/2017 When inserting an Excel formula manually into task data sheet the value would be calculated but the formula would be removed.  In addition some tasks with lookup lists might cause the row error messages to be duplictaed.

EDT 4.0.164  27/11/2017 Fixed incorrect column highlighted red when data loaded containing a validation error.

EDT 4.0.163  26/10/2017 Fixed project error on load (only affecting EDT 4.0.160 on some clients)

EDT 4.0.160  27/09/2017 15:04 GMT : Modified Workstation serial numbers to be a combination of {domain name}+{machine name}.   Non domain machines use the Hard Disk serial number + machine name.    For this to take effect for a workstation you need to de-Register using the MyLicences page, then restart EDT and re-register the workstation.  This change does not affect existing workstation registrations.  This  change is to help users running EDT on virtual machines.

EDT 4.0.155  9/08/2017 10:00 GMT : Client requested new option for SQL Lookup lists : A new action has been added for 'when a cell value does not represent an available option from a drop down list'.  The new option is 'Change cell value to the first in the list' which automatically resets invalid cell values for SQL Lookup columns or task parameters.   This is very useful when you have dynamic SQL in the lookup that includes a merge code that refers to another column or parameter - as in the example below.

EDT 4.0.154  2/08/2017 14:20 GMT : Windows update cause error Task Create or Modify - "Error 70 [Permission denied]"

EDT 4.0.148  27/06/2017 18:00 GMT : App Launch Non critical "IDispatch" popup messages removed 

EDT 4.0.142 01/03/2017 08:35 GMT : Query timeout set to unlimited

EDT 4.0.141 09/01/2017 14:35 GMT : Fixed problem with 64 Bit machine but running Excel 2010 32 Bit version of Excel 

EDT 4.0.133 30/11/2016 17:10 GMT: Export functionality - Export to Word caused an error on Excel 2007 (only).

EDT 4.0.129 29/11/2016 17:30 GMT: added Export functionality : either formatted or unformatted to Excel, Word, PDF, Tab delimited, Comma Delimited, XML and HTM (Web page) formats :

With formating :

The default Export folder can be defined at task level, within the Interface Section of Task maintenance :


This functionality is especially useful for EDT Report type tasks.


EDT 4.0.125 19/11/2016 15:15 GMT: First Release of V4 

Office 365 Support (Excel 2016 Desktop version)

Faster interface and processing

Schema.INI support

Progress file backup functionality (Save your work mid Task)

Command Line operation

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