Build powerful data edit/processing, data load/transfer and reporting solutions

 Using Direct-to-table or Stored Procedure techniques

Create user efficient data edit or processing solutions 

Create more reliable data import / transfer solutions 

Create fast network Excel Reporting solutions 

 Schedule data processing tasks

Excel Database Tasks drives down project development time and failed solutions, and pushes user efficiency and satisfaction to its maximum potential. EDT combines the power of Microsoft Excel with your chosen database system to create hassle free data editing/transfer processing tasks.

Unlike any other Database front end, Excel Database tasks empowers the user to safely process data sets without having to program a specialist interface. You can either build your own powerful solutions or utilize a custom solution provided by Lean Software. There are examples of some of these custom solutions in action further down the page. You will be provided Excellent support by experienced Microsoft Technicians as and when you need it.

With EDT you can; utilize custom solutions provided by lean or build your own powerful data/edit processing and data load/transfer and reporting solutions. Create data edit/processing solutions with increased user efficiency. Increase reliability when you create import/export transfer solutions and create a fast network of Excel Reporting Solutions. EDT can also Schedule Data Processing tasks.

EDT In Action 

These are some examples of Custom Development Solutions that Lean have created for businesses to help them become more efficient in their business processes. We have very experienced developers in our team meaning we can produce a solution with a proof of concept with a very quick turn around. Letting Lean develop your tasks can give you the confidence that your solution will be produced in a timely manner and will include all the features you need.

If you believe EDT might be able to help with a problem in your business don't hesitate to get in contact with the team. You can either submit a query via the contact us page or fill out the request form at the bottom of this page. You can rely on our great reviews that we will deliver you a great product.

Bank Account Transaction processing, Debt Management, Case management Intergration



Lean delivered a complete Bank Statement Import -and Debt Management solution, integrated with an SQL Server based legal case management application called Partner for Windows, for Leeds based company Addelstone Kean. The development time was five business days! Lean can supply EDT solutions for you that are built to integrate external data with any SQL based system – SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL for example. Working with CSV files, Excel files, or even pasted data.

This system designed for Addelstone Kean uses information held in the bank statement Narrative text to identity existing client records – to match payment amount received with existing debts. Each day the previous days bank statement is downloaded from the bank in CSV format, and an one of the EDT Tasks is used to upload and match the data to client record and post credit slips to the accounting system. Bank statement narrative is not always reliable, so this process could never be fully automated. EDT is great for such solutions – an efficient blend of automated validation and human interaction, reducing the human interaction as much as possible without the risk of server based import jobs which would commonly fail due to data quality. 

Eight EDT tasks were quickly designed and developed by Lean to handle the requirements. These tasks included he main import and data matching tasks as well as further data processing tasks to handle amalgamated payments out to creditors. Further processing tasks to maintain standing/lookup data were easily built, as well as data cleaning task and a bank statement report task. We will look at a few of tasks in operation for your interest.

Nearly all of tasks Lean develops use SQL Stored Procedures for the data destination.   The stored procedure handles both the Validation and Send operation - the Validation Status column shows messages returned from teh Stored Procedure.

Task 1 – Import Daily Bank Transactions (Please note that text has been pixelated due to data protection)


Task 2 – Match Transaction Narratives to existing accounts Where a match could not be found teh cells have a red border, the user can then enter the correct data.



Numerous other tasks were created to amalgamate payments out, and provide Audit and Payments out Reports.

Team Lean will work with you to get the results you need.


Barcode Scanning Solution


Lean delivered a proof of concept EDT model for Travers Printing within two business days. EDT solutions are fast to develop as there is no front end software needing to be built, saving companies allot of time and money. We can develop tasks for the fastest possible turnaround, or at least proof of concept tasks that you can further develop. You can of course also master Excel Database Tasks yourself - good SQL skills are required.

Travers required a solution to enable Bar Code scanning of printed documents to be tallied with a file list of expected print run of documents (PDFs) held within an SQL Server database.  Travers call this part of their process Metering.  This ensures no prints are missing from a print run of documents.

These are the proof of concept main EDT tasks developed by Lean:

Task 1 - Metering 
Allow multiple bar code scanning into a column and immediately perform various SQL validations, such as - does the bar code exist within the system, has the bar code already been Metered. The task then allows upload of any number of bar code scanning entries, simply by clicking the Send icon n the EDT ribbon. 

Task 2 – Batch Validation
This task immediately shows the validation status of each batch of Metered documents in a drop down list, checking that all of the expected prints have been barcode scanned (Metered), verifying the print run has not missed any files.

The user can then load any batch to see documents that have not been Metered.   The Hyperlinked filename allows view (and print) of the un-metered PDF file.

Supplementary EDT Report tasks were also built, to report on a batch, or report on batches for a particular client.   EDT Reports are configured quickly, again with any number of report Parameter, and allow output to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML.

Purchase and Development Requests 

Discover the potential of making business processes lean with EDT. If you are finding your business processes are taking up valuable time and resources don't hesitate to get in contact with an idea, we can help!  Once you have sent us a request we will get in contact with you to discuss your problem, we will then produce you a proof of concept design so you can visualize how EDT can be a solution to your problem. If you are happy with the proof of concept we will move onto the design and ensure your solution is created to the best standard in a timely manner.

What are the Benefits of letting Lean Design your solution?

  • The highly experienced SQL developers in our team who developed EDT will be assigned to producing your solution. It can be complicated to design solutions for EDT if you are uncomfortable with SQL.
  • Your solution will become our focus and we will make it our main priority. Save your business valuable time and Resources and let our experienced professionals do the hard work.
  • Our developers can support your team much easier if they have produced your EDT solution. You can rely on us to help in times of need or should you require additional features.
  • Lean Task and SQL Development

  • Time is the main cost factor so why learn to use new software when team Lean can get you the result you want in record time?

    Lean Software will turn around EDT Tasks and SQL within just a matter of days, lets see if we can help you get the job done ASAP.

    Even if your final goal is for your own team to build EDT tasks - there is still no faster way of learning than for them to see how experienced EDT /SQL work.

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